1. When was TheStoryBreak.com established?
    The TheStoryBreak.com website went live on May 1st, 2009.
  2. What short stories will I receive through TheStoryBreak?
    You will receive classic literary short stories from the start of the 20th century and previous centuries, from authors like H.G. Wells, E. A. Poe, Guy de Maupassant, Frank Richard Stockton and more. This means you won't find the latest Stephen King, Tom Clancy, etc. but you shall enjoy the best pieces of work, selected by our professionals to give best value to your time.
  3. May I print/copy/use the text of these short stories?
    All of the short stories received through TheStoryBreak collection are in the public domain (expired copyright) and, as such, may be used in any way you wish.
  4. Is it really for free?
    Yes. All short stories that you shall receive through our e-magazine are for free. We do take the obligation to announce you one month previous to any change in this respect.
  5. How are the short stories chosen for addition to TheStoryBreak.com collection?
    There is a particular set system for the selection of short stories that you will weekly receive: they are read, analyzed by a team of professionals to ensure the quality of your reading time. Some of the titles may be also added at the suggestion of members.
  6. I found an inaccurate or offensive statement in a short story on TheStoryBreak.com site or e-magazine!
    Many classic works contain definitions, statements, ideas, etc., which are wrong, disputed, or offensive to certain groups of people. However, it is not the policy of TheStoryBreak.com to alter classic texts to suit modern ideals. All works are published as they were originally written.
  7. I found an error!
    If you do find an error, please take the time to report the URL or issue number and details of the error using our contact form.
  8. This FAQ does not answer my question.
    Submit your question to us using our contact form. If a question is asked by many visitors it will be added to this FAQ.